Deploying the Backend Service

After we deploy this application, the following resources will be provisioned in our AWS account:

Sample Architecture

Deploying your application

cd ~/environment/aws-serverless-application-catalog-workshop/sam/nodejs/
npm install
sam deploy -g

Enter the following settings when prompted:

        Setting default arguments for 'sam deploy'
        Stack Name [sam-app]: 
        AWS Region [us-east-1]: 
        Parameter ProjectName []: backend-demo
        Parameter Stage []: Dev
        #Shows you resources changes to be deployed and require a 'Y' to initiate deploy
        Confirm changes before deploy [y/N]: Y
        #SAM needs permission to be able to create roles to connect to the resources in your template
        Allow SAM CLI IAM role creation [Y/n]: Y
        Save arguments to samconfig.toml [Y/n]: n

Wait for a few minutes and then enter the following when prompted again:

Changeset created successfully. arn:aws:cloudformation:us-east-1:1234567890:changeSet/samcli-deploy135353414/3d893bb8-2ecf-4491-9022-0644f5534da

Previewing CloudFormation changeset before deployment
Deploy this changeset? [y/N]: Y

Follow this deep link to CloudFormation to keep up with the stack deployment.

Sample Architecture

Wait until both stacks complete its deployment and take note of your API URL endpoint for later testing.

Sample Architecture