Creating a Service Catalog Product

Make sure you have the URL of your template file with you. e.g. https://serverless-wksp-sample-**``**

Create a Service Catalog Portfolio

Click this deep link to access your AWS Service Catalog console

  • Under Administration select Portifolios
  • Click Create portifolio
  • Name it Projects with CI/CD Pipeline and type the Owner name, click Create.
  • Click on your newly created portifolio. portifolio-1

Upload a new Product

  • Click Upload new product
  • Name it Serverless Project and type the Owner name.
  • On Description type Creates a new Serverless project based on AWS SAM with a multi-environment CI/CD Pipeline.
  • Under Version Details check the box Use a CloudFormation template as source for your template.
  • Paste the S3 URL of your template.yaml on Use a CloudFormation template text box, click Review.
  • Click Create product portifolio-2

Try refreshing the page if the added Product doesn’t show up in your screen.