Multi-Environment Pipeline Setup

Open your AWS CodePipeline console.

  • Click Create pipeline
  • Name it serverless-pipeline
  • Select Existing service role
  • Browse for serverless-catalog-wksp-pipeline-role, click Next


  • Select AWS CodeCommit as Source provider
  • Select serverless-repo as Repository name
  • Select master as Branch name
  • Leave the last option as default and click Next


  • Select AWS CodeBuild as Build provider
  • Select your current region
  • Click Create project to configure your CodeBuild project. A pop-up will open.


  • Name it serverless-build-project
  • In the Environment section select Managed image as Environment image
  • Select Amazon Linux 2 as Operating system
  • Select Standard as Runtime(s)
  • Select aws/codebuild/amazonlinux2-x86-64-standard:2.0 as Image
  • For Service role, choose Existing service role
  • Browse for serverless-catalog-wksp-build-role under Role ARN
  • Uncheck the Allow AWS CodeBuild to modify this service role so it can be used with this build project box
  • Expand the arrow for Additional configuration
  • On Environment variables set Name as BUILD_OUTPUT_BUCKET and Value as aws-serverless-catalog-wksp-build-<FIRSTNAME-LASTNAME> created in the previous step (without the s3://)
  • Leave all other settings as default, click Continue to CodePipeline
  • Click Next


  • Click Skip deploy stage
  • Click Skip
  • Review your settings and click Create pipeline

Your pipeline has now been created with minimal configuration and will attempt to run for the first time. Allow it a couple of minutes to complete until we move on.