Launching a Serverless Project

  • Click Product list
  • Click the three dots in front of your Product, click Launch. launch-1

  • Name it demo-service and click Next.

  • Type serverless-wksp-sample-<FIRSTNAME-LASTNAME>/sam/nodejs for CodeS3Bucket and click Next.

  • Type demo-service for ProjectName.

  • Type demo-service-repo for RepositoryName.

  • Type Repository for our demo service for RepositoryDescription.

  • Accept all defaults by clicking Next

  • Review and click Launch

Click on the AWS CloudFormation Stack URL to keep up with the product provisioning. launch-2

Once the stack status shows as CREATE_COMPLETE inspect the AWS CodePipeline create for your project. pipeline-1

The pipeline has been triggered since we uploaded the content of the to our repository and it interprets the upload action as an initial commit. It might take around 10-15 minutes for the whole pipeline to complete.


One way to check your resources were properly created for each environment is to check on the AWS Lambda console.