More Resources

Discover more AWS resources for building and running your application on AWS:

More Workshops

  • Awesome AWS Workshops - Curated list of awesome workshops found around in the internet.
  • AWS Wild Rydes Serverless Workshops - This repository contains a collection of workshops and other hands on content that will guide you through building various serverless applications using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, Amazon Kinesis, and other services. The following workshops are available: Web Application, Auth, Data Processing, DevOps, Image Processing, Multi Region, Security and Machine Learning.
  • Monolith to Serverless SaaS Workshop In this workshop, we’ll start with a traditional monolithic architecture for a working sample application. Then, we’ll progressively migrate the elements of the single-tenant monolithic architecture to a modern multi-tenant solution. This will include moving to a modern web application, introducing the API Gateway, decomposing the application tier into serverless microservices.

Tools for AWS Lambda, Serverless Applications and CI/CD Pipelines

  • AWS SAM Local - AWS CLI tool for managing Serverless applications written with AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM). SAM Local can be used to test functions locally, start a local API Gateway from a SAM template, validate a SAM template, and generate sample payloads for various event sources.
  • cfn-lint - A more friendly CloudFormation JSON and YAML Validator.
  • Snyk - Automatically detect open source vulnerabilities and accelerate fixing throughout your development process.
  • AWS X-Ray - AWS X-Ray helps developers analyze and debug production, distributed applications, such as those built using a microservices architecture, serverless or not.
  • pipeline-dashboard - Simple dashboard built for viewing pipeline metrics in AWS. Built using CloudWatch dashboards and metrics populated from CloudWatch events that CodePipeline triggers.


  • Serverless for beginners - Short course to quickly get hands-on experience in AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Auth0 and Firebase as well as Principles of Serverless and its pros/cons.
  • Serverless Portfolio in ReactJS - In-depth course demonstrating how to build a Serverless Portfolio using the Serverless platform on AWS using a mix of 15 different tech and 8 AWS services.
  • Getting started with Lambda - Quick hands-on course to get practical experience with S3, Kinesis and DynamoDB as an event source for Lambda while getting to know the basics of Lambda.
  • DynamoDB from beginner to pro - Deep dive and practical course to get to know DynamoDB and NoSQL databases from the ground up and make yourself comfortable at both talking and building solutions around DynamoDB.
  • Introduction to AppSync - Quick hands-on course using React, Amplify, DynamoDB and Cognito that effectively introduces GraphQL and these services in a practical and straightforward way.
  • Introduction to Lambda@Edge - Quick hands-on course using Serverless framework and Lambda@Edge to introduce how this feature and give some nice tricks and tips on testing, deploying and managing Lambda@Edge.